Azur Lane Tier List – All Ultra and Super Rare Ships

Azure Lane is still very important to many players around the globe. Our guide on Azur lane tier list will help you decide the best for your fleet. It has hundreds of ships with different rarities to obtain and use in battle.

For some players creating a strong fleet of ships may be challenging and maybe time-consuming that is why we have created a comprehensive guide on the azur lane tier list.

Some of the best ships in the Azur lane tier list game include Akashi, Centaur, Essex, Enterprise, Retrofit Warspite, and some others.
If you are able to pull anyone of the following ships, it’s a great option to spend the resources on them and put them in your fleet.

Let’s jump on the real content here.

To give a glimpse of the potential of different ships, we have jotted down all the ships in different tiers.

The tier list is basically divided into four groups S, A, B, C, or D tier where tier S is best among all and D performs relatively Lower.
Please take note that many of the Tier D ships are much better than the ships in the game.

Although power matters too much but please take note of other factors while selecting the individual ships

Azur lane tier list

Below is a description of the Azur Lane Tier List

  • S tier – The ships in the S tier are among the best in the whole game. The ships of this perform very well almost in any fleet and provide extraordinary power to the fleet. If you collect any of these ships, then consider them in your fleet and also spend resources on them to increase their power.
  • A Tier – The Ships in the A-Tier do perform very nice in the battle against enemies. If you acquire anyone, then consider them bringing them into your fleet. All the ships in this list are amazing but have less performance than S Tier.
  • B Tier – Although these are mid-way good ships in the game, you can consider bringing them in your fleet. But, you will probably switch to other sooner or later.
  • C Tier – As we can understand that these are below average in every term be it power or usability. These are not very good ships and you will end up considering them replaced. Remember that you do not spend a lot many resources on them.
  • D Tier – These are the worst category ships in the game and clearly you should not even try to consider spending upon them. At the start of the game, you can use them but you can not consider them for the long term. Try to replace these tier ships with others as soon as possible.

Ultra and Super Rare Azur Lane Tier List

This is the comprehensive list of all ships of different tier S, A, B, C and D. Refer to this table for the selection of ships in your fleet. Good Luck !

AzumaSUltra RareVanguardLarge CruiserSakura Empire
Friedrich der GrosseSUltra RareBacklineBattleshipIronblood
SeattleSSuper RareVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
GeorgiaSSuper RareBacklineBattleshipEagle Union
GascogneSSuper RareBacklineBattleshipVichya Dominion
NagatoSSuper RareBacklineBattleshipSakura Empire
AkashiSSuper RareBacklineRepair ShipSakura Empire
YukikazeSSuper RareVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
San Diego (Retrofit)SSuper RareVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
RoonSSuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserIronblood
MonarchSSuper RareBacklineBattleshipRoyal Navy
Warspite (Retrofit)SSuper RareBacklineBattleshipRoyal Navy
EnterpriseSSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierEagle Union
EssexSSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierEagle Union
CentaurSSuper RareBacklineLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
U-47SSuper RareSupportSubmarineIronblood
I-13SSuper RareBacklineSubmarine CarrierSakura Empire
MinneapolisSSuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserEagle Union
Duke of YorkSSuper RareBacklineBattleshipRoyal Navy
HelenaSEliteVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
UnicornSEliteBacklineLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
AyanamiSEliteVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
Ping Hai (Retrofit)SEliteVanguardLight CruiserEastern Radiance
Ning Hai (Retrofit)SEliteVanguardLight CruiserEastern Radiance
Yat Sen (Retrofit)SEliteVanguardLight CruiserEastern Radiance
KitakazeASuper RareVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
MikasaASuper RareBacklineBattleshipSakura Empire
Bunker HillASuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierEagle Union
Graf ZeppelinASuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierIronblood
SwiftsureASuper RareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
IllustriousASuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
EldridgeASuper RareVanguardDestroyerEagle Union
NeptuneASuper RareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
MontpelierASuper RareVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
Saint LouisASuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserIris Libre
BismarckASuper RareBacklineBattleshipIronblood
King George VASuper RareBacklineBattleshipRoyal Navy
AmagiASuper RareBacklineBattlecruiserSakura Empire
I-168ASuper RareSupportSubmarineSakura Empire
U-101ASuper RareSupportSubmarineIronblood
HoodASuper RareBacklineBattlecruiserRoyal Navy
WashingtonASuper RareBacklineBattleshipEagle Union
TirpitzASuper RareBacklineBattleshipIronblood
Jean BartASuper RareBacklineBattleshipVichya Dominion
Mogami (Retrofit)AEliteVanguardHeavy CruiserSakura Empire
Jintsuu (Retrofit)AEliteVanguardLight CruiserSakura Empire
VestalAEliteBacklineRepair ShipEagle Union
Z23 (Retrofit)AEliteVanguardDestroyerIronblood
Laffey (Retrofit)AEliteVanguardDestroyerEagle Union
Saratoga (Retrofit)AEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierEagle Union
Portland (Retrofit)ARareVanguardHeavy CruiserEagle Union
AlbacoreBSuper RareSupportSubmarineEagle Union
IbukiBSuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserSakura Empire
Elegant Kizuna AiBSuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserKizuna Ai
North CarolinaBSuper RareBacklineBattleshipEagle Union
IzumoBSuper RareBacklineBattleshipSakura Empire
KagaBSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
I-19BSuper RareSupportSubmarineSakura Empire
U-81BSuper RareSupportSubmarineIronblood
Queen ElizabethBEliteBacklineBattleshipRoyal Navy
AuroraBEliteVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Little BelBEliteVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
JavelinBEliteVanguardDestroyerRoyal Navy
Z1 (Retrofit)BEliteVanguardDestroyerIronblood
Nicholas (Retrofit)BEliteVanguardDestroyerEagle Union
ColumbiaBEliteVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
ClevelandBEliteVanguardLight CruiserEagle Union
Kizuna AiBEliteVanguardDestroyerKizuna Ai
Ark RoyalBEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
ShouhouBRareBacklineLight Aircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Hyuuga (Retrofit)BRareBacklineAviation BattleshipSakura Empire
SiriusCSuper RareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
KawakazeCSuper RareVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
BelfastCSuper RareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Prinz EugenCSuper RareVanguardHeavy CruiserIronblood
TaihouCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Shangri-LaCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierEagle Union
ShoukakuCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
ZuikakuCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
AkagiCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Anniversary Kizuna AiCSuper RareBacklineAircraft CarrierKizuna Ai
FumiruiruCEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierUtawarerumono
ArizonaCEliteBacklineBattleshipEagle Union
WichitaCEliteVanguardHeavy CruiserEagle Union
LondonCEliteVanguardHeavy CruiserRoyal Navy
SouryuuCEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
HiryuuCEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierSakura Empire
Curlew (Retrofit)CRareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Sendai (Retrofit)CRareVanguardLight CruiserSakura Empire
TanikazeCRareVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
Kagerou (Retrofit)CRareVanguardDestroyerSakura Empire
Newcastle (Retrofit)CRareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
Curacoa (Retrofit)CRareVanguardLight CruiserRoyal Navy
ChaserDEliteBacklineLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal Navy
ZeppyDEliteBacklineAircraft CarrierIronblood
IsuzuDRareVanguardLight CruiserSakura Empire

We hope that this comprehensive and detailed Azur lane tier list must have helped.

If you want to play the Azur lane, then you can find it on the google play store and app store.

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