Coin Master Ghost Mode 2021 – Advantages & Disadvantages – How to Activate It

Want to know about the new coin master ghost mode? Then you have landed at the right place. As the game brings updates for its users, and the new coin master ghost mode 2021 has been rolled out. Moreover, You will also get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the ghost mode on coin master.

In order to play the coin master like a pro, you should know each and every detail about the new mode like how to turn off or remove coin master ghost mode in coin master and what are disadvantages of ghost mode, and many more questions to be answered.?

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Let us understand the ghost mode from an elementary basis.


What is Coin Master Ghost Mode?

This Mode has not recognition by the official game developers Moon Active. This is a pro technique used by players around the world to make big progress in-game in a smart way.

The ghost mode is just nothing but a very smart trick of coin master used by the players everywhere. The trick helps you taking your official coin master account off the track so that nobody can search about you neither your friends anywhere.

In the layman language as the ghost is not visible so your account will not be visible and still you can play coin master anonymously. Hence, it is referred to as the Ghost Mode in Coin Master.

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Advantages of ghost mode

The best advantage you can get is that nobody can trace you in the coin master from your friend’s list. Going off the track and not notices by anyone is I believe the massive advantage over other players.

Suppose you have done very intense hard work in a coin master account and saved millions or even billions of coins for the events in the game, there is a very high probability that someone from your friend list may raid on your village and loot every single one coin that wanted to preserve.
That is too frustrating, right? You may beat the player if he or she comes in front of you.

The Ghost mode gives you the privilege to hide from the rest of the work and still make all the progress you want to make. Also, while making progress, you save a huge amount of coins for the next event.

The disadvantage of ghost mode

Everyone knows the saying “Honesty is the Best Policy”. I too agree with this quote. You are trying to play the coin master, it should be played without any cheat.

The biggest disadvantage of ghost mode is that you kind of betrays your friends and other players around the globe. Although hiding adds to your advantage it is not good.

Another disadvantage is that you may lose your progress in the game sometimes if the trick does not work properly, so you need to start the coin master right from the scratch. I am not scaring you, this is very unlikely to happen.
The other disadvantage is that you may not feel the real essence of the game, You will achieve success very fast by playing like a ghost on coin master.

Although, These are not very serious disadvantages of playing ghost mode. Now let’s jump onto the process of activating ghost mode.

How to turn on or activate the ghost mode in coin master?

Below is the complete guide on “How to turn on ghost mode or how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master?

  1. Just close the coin master game & open Facebook.
  2. Navigate to the Facebook settings
  3. In the Setting, press on the App and website option.
  4. After this, Tap on the logged in with the Facebook option
  5. Remove the coin master by clicking the square and pressing the remove button.
  6. Again, Open the coin Master Game.
  7. On the login page, instead of clicking on Facebook login, click on the use “guest mode”.

How to turn off or deactivate the ghost mode in coin master?

I do not want you to be in ghost mode, follow the guide below to deactivate the ghost mode.

  1. First, open the app store on your phone
  2. Now search coin master in the store
  3. And then uninstall the game completely without fail.
  4. After this again install the coin master and open the game.
  5. Open the game and click on Facebook Login instead of guest mode.

Great, you have successfully learned how to activate the ghost mode on coin master and how to deactivate the ghost mode. You may still see the friends list in the game but do not worry, they will not be able to see you.

Remember that do not try to contact any of your friends from the list otherwise you may not access the ghost mode.
It takes some significant time to be in Coin Master ghost mode completely. So please have patience.

After you completely get into the ghost mode then nobody can find out you on the internet. Nobody will be able to raid your village!

Note: If by mistake you use your Facebook account in the game, then you will automatically be thrown out of coin master ghost mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
How to hide your village in Coin Master?

If you want to hide your particular village in coin master then you can use the ghost mode.

Question 2
What is Ghost Mode?

This is a simple trick so that you can easily hide from your village and do not get notices by anyone. Your friends can not see you but you can see them.

Question 3
How to deactivate the ghost mode?

You just have to simply log in with your Facebook account in the game to deactivate it.

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