Coin Master Viking Quest Tricks

The Coin Master brings huge opportunities for its gamers in which it provides the chance to grab great rewards and big wins. The Viking Quest Trick is one such opportunity for coin master lovers at the first levels of the game.

The Coin Master lovers can win a huge amount of free spins and coins, pet potions, XPs, rare or gold cards, Chests, and Pet Food as well in the Viking Quest.
It is one of the most Admired Events in the game as the Viking quest brings many rewards with itself. Another advantage of playing this Viking quest is that the coins You receive will be raid-free for the first 3 minutes.

This is a kind of advantage as you get in the ghost mode of the game, where you can not be looted by your friends.
Okay so let us go over and not waste our time. Most of you must be knowing how to play the Viking Quest in the Coin master so we will not discuss that.

We are going to discuss some amazing tricks regarding the Viking Quest.
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Coin Master Viking Quest

General Overview of Viking Quest

I know Viking Quest is a wonderful event that will fill your account with billions of coins and with other bonuses. But as we know nothing comes for free except Air.

So to win billions of coins from the Viking Quest, you should already have stacked by billions of coins. Only then you can play and win the Viking Quest.

After you have accumulated a great number of coins around 5-10 billion, you are all equipped for the event. As you know the event begins in the first five levels of your game, you can very easily store some coin bags for the event.

Below are the great tips and tricks for the event through which you can win big in the game. If you do not follow this advice, you might lose the rewards in the Viking Quest.
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How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Play Cool At First
You can play cool and calm in the beginning because they let you play at ease and let you win lots of coins before making it harder for you.
They provide you with coins on the bonus wheel at ease in the first five levels of the event so that you can be comfortable. Okay Great! So you cleared these steps now from the 6th level real quest begins!

Bring the Bet Back & Forth in Viking Quest
You will have to bet very carefully in the bonus wheel during the Quest. If you bet blindly, you may lose a huge number of coins rather than winning the coins. So follow below to Big Win in the game.
When you land at the 6th level in the bonus wheel, then try betting from the lowest number and after your first spin, raise to something medium.

For Example, If you are betting at 5,000,000, raise it to 7,000,000. If you give 20 spins like this, your chance of winning something big increases many times. After you completed 20 spins, raise your betting amount to the max you can and play 10 more spins.
You are very much likely to get lots of surprises through this method. Big Wins are surely guaranteed!

Slot Machine & Bonus Wheel Trick

This is another method to win the Viking Quest very cheaply and easily. Here I suggest that you use only one spin at a slot machine and then go to the bonus wheel.
If you have bet frequently and are not able to secure any big wins in the Viking Quest, then Do not worry! Follow this.
1. First Press the button and go to the slot machine.
2. Use one Spin and Return to the Bonus Wheel.
3. Now select your bet to medium amount and start spinning.

After you have won three or four bonuses, raise your bet to the maximum and again start spinning. If you follow this method then after one or two spins you will surely win a big reward.
Okay so these tricks and tips work with most players everywhere, It will not be fair to declare them as the ultimate tricks as these keep on changing.

But you can follow these tips and tricks of Coin Master Viking Quest as Something is better than Nothing.
Give your valuable opinions below through comments regarding these Viking Quest Tricks. Good Luck!