RAID: Shadow legends [Ultimate Guide] Beginner to Advanced

Whether you consider it or not, reports everywhere have confirmed that Raid: Shadow Legends is a very popular game. If you have thousands of dollars or not even a single penny, you can still conquer the amazing game with our complete Raid shadow legends Guide from beginner to advanced.

There are several reasons why people shadow legends. For instance, it is a fairly complex turn-based battler, with very cool fantasy settings.

You do not necessarily spend thousands of cash to play the game, seriously. Read here to get complete Raid: shadow legends tips and tricks.

Interested?, I know you are that is why you are here.

So, let us jump on our complete miscellaneous guide.

First, let me list down What I will be covering here in this Guide

  • Affinity
  • Raid shadow legends champions
  • Artifacts
  • Mastery
  • Game modes
  • Combat
  • Tips and Tricks
RAID shadow legends Guide

What are Affinities?

Currently, Four types of affinities exist in RAID: Shadow Legends, and you have to master all of them in order to succeed. Every Affinity has some advantage or disadvantage. Three affinities kind of balance each other in terms of advantage and disadvantage, while the fourth one no significant advantage or disadvantage.

  • Magic (Blue): Beats Spirit (Green). Weak to Force (Red);
  • Spirit (Green): Beats Force (Red), weak to Magic (Blue);
  • Force (Red): Beats Magic (Blue), weak to Spirit (Green);
  • Void (Purple): No counter, no weakness.

Pro Tip: Understand these affinities and the way they interact with each other. Understanding them will ultimately help you while in combat in the game.

RAID : Shadow Legends complete Guide

Now the RAID: shadow legends guide will talk about the champions in the game. Get each and every detail for Champions in RAID: shadow legends.

RAID: Shadow Legends Champions

Everyone who plays shadow legends or knows even little about the game must be familiar with the champions and their importance in-game. As you gather the best team of characters, then it is very easy to face strong opponents fearlessly. Initially, you are equipped with two champions but you can stockpile more of them. The first way is using the shards and the other one using through campaign missions.

Here is the Raid shadow legends champions list

Shards :

There are typically four types of shards

  • Mystery Shards (Green) : It consists of champion percentage as: Common(74.2%) , Rare (1.4 %), Uncommon (24.4%).
  • Ancient shards (Blue): It consists of champion percentage as Epic (8 %), Legendry (.5 %), and Rare (91.5%)
  • Void Shards (Purple): It consists of champion percentage as Legendry (.5 %), Epic (8 %), and Rare (91.5%)
  • Sacred Shards (Gold): It consists of champion percentage as Epic (94 %), Legendry (6%)

Pro Tip: You should never invest too much in the common champions at just the start of the game instead the better idea is to invest in Legendry, Void, or Epic champions. The reason is that these are very hard to get.

Campaign Missions:

As everyone knows that game provides the missions, so you can just complete the game’s campaign and collect the champions. Every battle you play offers many champions by miscellaneous drops.

Some Additional Sources of Champions

The rarest of the Raid shadow legends champions can be obtained through the completion of very specific and generally very difficult, quests or achievements. The Champions are obtained as a matter of consistency and dedication, as all of them are very hard to acquire. These require a good investment of time.

You may use the Fusion for the combination of four specific champions into a new one with a very high rarity. But this is not advisable.


These are basically items that grant buffs to your champions in the Raid shadow legends. These artifacts can be claimed by quests and campaigns. Moreover, you can get these artifacts upgraded or sold for silver:

  • The champions can equip up to six artifacts
  • If you equip more than one artifact of a specific set, then the champion experience a buff.
  • The advanced sets usually require four pieces of artifacts, but their effect is very strong.
  • Once the artifacts are upgraded, they receive bonus effects.

Pro Tip: As explained for Champions, Do not be unsensible with your silver, Do not upgrade anything you want. you should spend them at a sensible place.

RAID : Shadow Legends Tips and Tricks

How to use Masteries?

By using the scroll resources, You can specialize your chosen champion via multiple series of upgrades called Masteries. Remember, It is only worth doing this mastery with Epic or Legendary Champions otherwise, it will be a waste of time and energy to invest in Common.

Below is how Masteries Work in Raid: Shadow Legends:

  • The masteries only unlock upgrades from the offense, defense, and support.
  • TO unlock these buffs, you are required to have Scrolled. These Scrolls can be bought in the store or can be earned from raiding the minotaur’s Labyrinth.
  • To make your champions more focused, the masteries are an excellent way.

What are GEMS, Energy, and Silver Used For?

It is nearly impossible to get by in Game without using Game’s currency a little. To upgrade Artifacts and summon new champions, silver is used. You can buy gems from the actual cash money in the shop.

Gems are basically meant to unlock and upgrade the mines in the game –  which provides you more gems. These Gems can be used to buy a variety of other currencies in the shop.

Now, The Energy is a wonderful resource, which you can spend to accomplish any quest or mission the RAID: shadow legends. The energy is really helpful to regenerate up to your cap, so it is logical to make sure that you utilize your excess energy above your cap, otherwise, you will not benefit from that regeneration. You can refill your energy by buying it from the gems.

Pro Tip: A nice amount of these currencies can be earned by completing daily challenges and quests, so always complete those missions and quests.

RAID: shadow legends Guide also covers the modes available in the game. Keep reading for difference Modes

Game Modes in RAID: shadow legends

There are many different game modes in RAID Shadow legends, where you can earn many vital currencies to upgrade the champions.

  • Campaign: It is the Central Story, where you have to fight and clear difficult stages to liberate Telleria from the shadow.
  • Dungeons: If you want to grow in champion, you need to play dungeons. This mode helps you in defeating bosses and warn of the needed champion upgrade resources: Mastry, ascension potions, and Artifacts. These fights can be very challenging, as every fight requires players to use the correct tactic and combination of champions.
  • Arena: When you win battles in the area, then you receive arena medals, which helps you to upgrade the champions in the Great Hall. The Area chests will reset every week automatically. This reset is because of the final tier at the end of that week.
  • Clan Boss: Here, The clan bosses are required multiple fights by the different clans to complete. When you want to achieve the best prices, then the clan’s aim should defeat the clan boss before the battle reset itself.
  • Faction Wars: There will be no cross-faction team-ups, so you must have to keep a stock of top-tier champions from different factions.
RAID : Shadow Legends combat Guide
COMBAT GUIDE for RAID: shadow legends

As you progress in RAID: Shadow legends, the battles at first are very very simple and then they become more and more complicated. Below are some proven tips to bear into mind while fighting any battle:

  • Use buffs and debuffs effectively: Your units can be buffed by certain attacks and abilities, or may debuff the enemy, and believe me if you use the debuffs at the appropriate time is one of the easiest ways to win difficult battles.
  • Unlock Masteries: The Masteries give a very unique advantage over specific players, so unlock these masteries whenever you can.
  • Never neglect items: Believe me, never miss any kind of items in the games, they can be deciding factor between winning and losing against powerful opponents.
  • Remember Cooldown: You should remember that attacks and abilities have a cooldown period, so it is worth considering them into your strategy against the enemy, so you can use the cooldown periods effectively to defeat the enemy.
  • Synergy: Any Big combat requires synergy and combining all the Abilities into powerful combos, so it is very important to keep in mind when using your abilities.

These are some very powerful tactics in the combat RAID: shadow legends guide. As you play the game, you may come across different tactics, to win the games effectively.

Till now we have discussed many important aspects of the game, this RAID: shadow legends Guide updated 2021 also contains some tips and tricks for the game. Keep reading for more knowledge


Before starting out playing the RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, or even if you have been playing the game, you can look at some of the Tips below.

  • Focus on Long Term Investments: If you are planning to make use of your currency to upgrade the equipment and other things, then your focus should be on a champion that you will use for the long term.
  • Always Complete Daily Mission: This is one of the easiest things you can do every day. Never miss any day to complete various different missions in order to receive some exciting rewards in the game.
  • Unlock the Gem Mine: If you playing for the long term, then you should unlock the gem mine as soon as possible so that the gems get accumulated and you reap the benefits for a larger time.
  • Save Rewards: Every precious reward you get should be preserved carefully. Do not use them at any point in time, you should invest them wisely for greater results. The rewards like double XP are very good.
  • Don’t Waste: Look this game requires currencies and you can afford to lose any currency. If you want to play the game for long and especially for free, then you need to retain your resources whenever you can.

This is all that we have for you! If you want to download the game, you can get it at google play and the app store. Have Fun!

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