Why fast web hosting is a Gem for website owners? -All you need to know

I believe everyone likes to get their work done very fast so that they can use other time in some more productive activities. Right? Similarly, when it comes to website speed, your performance of the website is very essential for a great user experience. Fast Web Hosting amazingly increases the speed and responsiveness of your website. If you switch over a fast web hosting, that will greatly improve your business especially if you are in the lead generation business. Many website owners use email marketing tools on their websites to capture emails. Hence, your website loading speed should be very high to instantly capture the emails. Consider Spending on the higher plans of web hosting providers’ best results.

The Website performance is not only good for your customers, but also for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website. All the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo prefer to rank the website higher in SERPS because of their fast-loading speed. And of course, the fast-loading websites are very convenient for your viewers as well. A recent study by Google has shown that every 1-second delay in loading your website speed drops your conversion by 20 %. This delay is a huge loss for the lead generation business.

Unfortunately, every new beginner chooses the cheapest web hosting plans, which ultimately leads to a bad user experience.

What are different types of web hosting?

Below are some of the popular web hosting categories.

Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting is perfect for those who are just starting out their online venture. It is an entry-level Hosting. In shared Hosting plans, your website is stored on the same server as other websites. When you make a purchase of a shared hosting plan then you share all the resources be it RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU (Centrally Processing Unit) with other websites. As the resources are shared between multiple websites, so you tend to get these hosting plans for a cheap price.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A VPS hosting plan is the middle ground between Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting. This hosting is for those who want more control over their website and do not necessarily need a dedicated server.

The VPS hosting is unique as every website is hosted within its own space on the server, although it shares the same resources with other websites on the server. The main purpose of VPS Hosting is to have more customization and storage space. It does not handle a large amount of traffic or spikes in usage.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting has unique features for its customer as only your websites are stored on a particular server. No one else website as you have rented out the full space. It directly means that you have complete root and admin access to your server. So, you can control and everything from security to the operating system for your websites.

All these Features come with a good amount of price.

The Dedicated Servers cost is one of the highest among the web hosting plans. The Dedicated servers are mostly used by webmasters who have very high traffic on their website. And those looking for complete control over the server and website.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a very new technology buzzing into the industry. This generally means many computers are working together, using combined computing powers.

Cloud Hosting is scalable, which means your site can handle any large amount of traffic or spikes over a long period of time. Here you must pay the amount based on your usage of resources.

Speed Comparison of Popular Web Hosting Companies

We last year conducted a study on various web hosting plans from various hosting providers like Hostinger, HostGator, A2 hosting, site ground, Bluehost, and some others. We have recently published the new data regarding these companies and got somewhere similar results. But it is interesting to note that some web host’s speed has been greatly improved from the last year. The Measure reason for the increase in website performance was the massive upgrade into hardware and network infrastructure.

The web hosts with the smallest MS time value scored best are the ones that ultimately helped in loading websites faster than the ones with a longer MS time. Note that the plans used in this study were shared hosting plans – not a VPS or dedicated Plan of major web hosting companies. The speed of these hosts varies depending on the hosting plans you choose. Furthermore, many web hosts compared here offer a variety of shared hosting plans and each plan has its advantage and disadvantages in terms of features, pricing, and performance.

We did our best to compare the best hosting plans so that you can choose an amazing plan for yourself. And mostly chose the starter plans of every web hosting provider except for Site Ground, which we rigorously tested with their higher plan.

Very Fast Web Hosting Services uses Premium Hardware & Infrastructure

Server hardware also plays a big role in improving the performance of the website dramatically. A web hosting server configured with huge RAM and powerful CPU cores will help to boost the website speed and security. In the current market, most of the shared web hosting plans do not disclose the server configuration to the users. Hence, it becomes very hard to find out which web hosting company uses the best server configuration. However, the VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting plans mostly disclose the full server configuration to its users. Hence helps in choosing the best hosting service.

A fast web host simply means that it does have very low latency, no packet loss, and very high-speed connectivity to all the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) around the globe.